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Wolf & Rita

We love Wolf & Rita, just as we love all other collections that are chosen by us here at Loja Dada for Kids.

“We” means me – Daniela – but also my nice list of “consultants” that help me get some of my ideas straight.

And we love Wolf & Rita for a number of reasons:

– it’s cool
– it’s beautiful
– it’s conceptual and creative
– it’s like haute couture for kids
– (at the same time) it’s very wearable
– it looks great on pics, specially editorials, and bloggers love it
– the people at Wolf & Rita are really nice
– they have these great lookbooks full of fantastic photos
– it’s made in Portugal. with love, with skill, with technical know-how. with great materials.












Wolf & Rita at Loja Dada is here!

For their new Autumn/Winter Collection, the team at Wolf&Rita has sought inspiration in the works of the minimalist painter Ellsworth Kelly. Using his color palette as the basis for our fabrics, they have come up with different color combinations and patterns in order to achieve a perfect balance between form and design.

Other great American painters like Frank Stella, Jasper Johns or Mark Rothko have also influenced this collection. From plain whites or blacks, deep blues or solid gold, this collection is a favorite of ours, we are in love with the blacks gold and whites and we have chosen a very nice selection for you, available HERE!


One of the brands we have had for a very long time now is Mini Rodini.

Each collection surprises us with a new set of colorful prints, we always feel like somewhere between the playground and the  circus.

Excellent quality comes hand in hand with quirky design, and kids and parents alike fall for the clothes!

Here is a little glimpse at the new AW15 collection

mini rodini aw15_1

mini rodini aw15_2

mini rodini aw15_3

mini rodini aw15_4

mini rodini aw15_5

mini rodini aw15_6

mini rodini aw15_7

Mini Rodini AW15 collection will be available on July 30, also here at!


Bobo Choses AW15 preview

Few things are as exciting for mums around the globe as the launch of new Bobo Choses collections.
It’s just one of the most fun and creative brands around and mums and kids love it alike.

The new Aw15 collection won’t disappoint, it’s gorgeous, soft colors, great prints, it’s all you are waiting for.

Here a few pics to get an idea of what you will be getting:

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_12

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_6

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_6

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_13

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_11

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_5

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_4

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_10

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_3

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_9

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_8

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_2

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_1

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_7CAMPAIGN-AW15-008 (Medium)

CAMPAIGN-AW15-036 (Medium)

CAMPAIGN-AW15-037 (Medium) (Medium)

The collection will launch worldwide on August 3, and also here at

Bandit Kids Kingdom of Cool

035 Kingdom of Cool 038 Kingdom of Cool 006 Daisy and Taj 009 Daisy and Taj 001 Daisy and Taj Empty Pools Summertime Dress in emerald 049 Kingdom of Cool 050 Kingdom of Cool 043 Kingdom of Cool 022 Kingdom of Cool 028 Kingdom of Cool 032 Kingdom of Cool

This was without a doubt one of your favorite collections this summer and one of the best shot lookbooks from this past season.

It’s still a pleasure to look at this pictures, and now that summer is really starting all over Europe, a good time to still get one of those great pieces, that are now 30% OFF  on MIDSEASON SALE.


Check out Bandit Kids at Loja Dada for Kids

Noe & Zoé

Something new at
Something new and very nice.
And produced here in Portugal for the first time.
So only good reasons to get some Noe&Zoé at Loja Dada for Kids online shop.

Here are some images from the SS15 lookbook!









Noé & Zoé is designed in Berlin by lovely Nici, mum to 4 kids!
We are glad to have added this lovely brand to our selection at

Bangbang Cph SS15 online now at Loja Dada for Kids


We love Bangbang and their sense of “non-sense”, of clothes that are made to be used, and have fun, and feel like a kid, and look like a kid having fun. All items below are available at Loja Dada for Kids.


SS15 Bibbow T-shirt_ Kim Pants
(pants are not available, only tshirt)
SS15 Chelsea Dress 2
SS15 Chelsea Dress
SS15 Dancing Dora Gymsuit
SS15 Henrietta Dress
SS15 Jacket Dress
SS15 Jacket Dress 2
SS15 Linn Dress
SS15 Lucky Rain Dres
SS15 Pretty Pretty Dress
SS15 Sally jumpsuit
SS15 Zoo T-shirt
BangBangSS15 Happy Legs Leggings_resize
(leggings only)
BangBangSS15 Hamilton tshirt_ resize
BangBangSS15 Lazyboy Shorts_resize

Bangbang Copenhagen is designed in Denmark and produced in Serbia. To get an items, go here!

Bobo Choses SS15 Collection

Everybody is waiting for this and so are we, as tomorrow we will be getting a huge box of Bobo Choses SS15 items! Official launch of the summer collection is on January 13, so stay tuned!

Guess who’s coming for breakfast…
Get ready to have breakfast with the most clumsy, shy and
friendly monsters: Mr Nail, Bob the Monster, Clever the Ghost,
and The Omelettes will become your best guests!


┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 002 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 005 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 011 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 012 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 014 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 019 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 027 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 037 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 041 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 044 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 054┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 033 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 034 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 049

Don’t forget, we ship internationally.

Visit our shop here. Right now, you are lucky because we are on SALE!



Mini & Maximus AW14

After a short break, Mini & Maximus is back at Loja Dada with their new AW 2014 collection. We have chosen only a few from their styles this season, but we love them every inch as much as we used to when we saw them for the first time.

img4 img5 10684263_147033205467030_303379874_n mini-_-maximus-arrows-sport-leggings-black-lifestyles-ii.MIni & Maximus are the orignal cool, the first that i ever heard using collaborative design for each collection, and even the small black label with the logo, seen since then on so many others, seems to have started with them (and correct me if i am wrong).

Their photoshoots are always a bit cooler, because somehow and  though produced, it seems they don’t really care and it’s all about having fun!

See the selection we have for you here, at our online shop!

Paris according to my mobile phone

just a few pictures from  Playtime Paris and from some Paris-sightseeing!



Sometimes i switched to BW by mistake, so lost some of those great Paris colors. Must go back soon. In January, to Playtime, for sure!

Next time i’ll walk around with a proper camera, as i am actually quite into photography :)
See you!

Bandit Kids

This is something new happening on our blog. We are writing about a brand we don’t sell at the shop, for the first time but not for the last. This is because sometimes we want to gather brands we like, that could fit our shop, that we are considering taking on board and that we would like to share with you!

Bandit Kids is a brand that reminds us of a few other brand like Mini & Maximus and lately also Quinn and Fox.

It’s the same free-spirit edgy skate look

bandit_kids7 bandit_kids6 bandit_kids5 bandit_kids1 bandit_kids2 bandit_kids3 bandit_kids4

Bandit kids is an Australian label and here is their website:

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