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Make the world smaller!

dada for kids

We are an online boutique for children 0-6 (

In fact, we are a mum, and an idea. And a cause, too.

What do we do here?

We want to write about things we like. Things we feel are important.

What is important?

Small things – like beautiful things – are important because they make the world a nicer place to be in. Let’s admit it: all us love to see our children look beautiful. BUT: not only the final product is important, it is very important that all beautiful things are made in a fair way. In a fair AND in a healthy way. It is important that all people have equal opportunities. Though that will never be fully possible, we can try to help: change minds! Help: help people: sponsor a child, buy fair-trade products, create small businesses for mothers so they can raise their children better. Etc.

We will come back often to talk about all those things.

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