We are an “eco-bio” online store, meaning we have a special attention for the environment as well as for materials used. Extending this concept to toys, and moving away from the huge selection of plastic toys, we can only recommend this: cardboard playhouses!
All children love having a small space of their own, where they can emulate adults (and also hide from them), and this is an easy way to give them one. Plus: when they grow up and don’t want to play with this any more, you can dispose of it without too much damage for the environment. Of couse, if you can give it away to someone who will like it, even better!

Casa Cabana by dutch brand KIDSONROOF

Casa Cabana has a door, seven windows and many spy holes. Made of recycled paper and biodegradable.


Paperpod cardboard house

Paperpod have developed an innovative concept in creative toys & furniture for children. They produce a range of environmentally friendly, cost effective, sturdy, and practical designs made from recycled corrugated cardboard.

Kartonhuus by slowtoys

Kartonhuus Emma

The sturdy Kartonhuus is made in Switzerland, and consists of 100% recycled and recyclable material. Suitable for children starting at the age of three.

Ma Cacabane by Pirouette Cacahouette

Ma Cacabane Cardboard House

This delicious playhouse that comes in several colors or in plain brown, is full of small games & colorings inside. It is the ideal place for drawing, having fun, hiding & dreaming… Kids feel instantly at home!  Macacabane is 100% recyclable cardboard and manufactured in France.

Calafant Calacasa

Calafant Calacasa cardboard playhouse

The playhouse is particularly sturdy because of the special roof construction, the double-sided walls and the 4 corner pillars.
Kids can paint and decorate it and have their dolls, stuffed animals and friends move in with them! Made of white cardboard

If you want to make your own, there are plenty of instructions around, like here.

Carboard playhouse

Here is a “model” made at home some time ago: