While researching for our last post (cardboard houses) we came across these lovely kitchens, which we must share!

Check out all those interesting items, either buyable or makeable! Who knows, one of these days you will be making one of your own 🙂

Starting with Cocorico Cooker, again from Kidsonroof “Casa” collection (we think this will be our next aquisition, so stay tuned for the “tests”!). This cardboard cooker is lightweight and small….though big enough to start cooking with papa or mama in the kitchen. Made of recycled cardboard. Lovely!

If you want to make one of your own but you don’t know how, check out this Etsy shop: you can buy the instruction kit for this nice kitchen there.

Toy kichten by forty two roads

Find a collection of kitchens made with these instructions here!

This one is great, too, available at Pappdorf (where you can also finds lots of cardboard houses).

Pappdorf Cardboard Stove

Well, and at this blog we found this lovely little project: cardboard kitchen tutorial. Great!

Have fun cooking, kids!