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Our most controversial product..

… is this:

Fabulous organic black baby body by Mini Rodini.
This one is soft. Really soft!
We think it looks absolutely cute, but there are so many mums that can’t imagine wearing black to kids and even less babies…
What do you think?

Available at our online store (look under Mini Rodini brand).


Le Toit de La Lune Summer Collection

We have still got some items from last year summer collection from Le Toit de la Lune, which was super-cute!

All in super-soft best quality materials (linen, popeline, interlock), produced in Europe. Stupendous colors!
Japan has been a great customer for those products, but we still have some left.

Check them out here at our online store!

No regrets. For the cutest babies only!

We deliver worldwide.


Literature for children? What is it? How should it be? We love reading several books, all different from each other, different topics, different colors, different drawings and so on. Although all of them are different, they somehow end up being all a little bit the same (our fault, maybe). But this one is different, and it shows what can happen to you if you are never happy with anything. Check it out!

Whatever, by William Bee. Available here or elsewere.

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