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La Queue du Chat Home Photo Shootings

Well, we keep trying. One of the hardest things about having an online shop, is getting good product pictures. Brands usually provide them, unfortunately not all perfect, not all with white background and so on, and if you have a small shop, and you do everything yourself, sometimes there’s a lot of work to do before uploading all the collections.

One thing that is definitly missing from brands are good product promotion pictures. And by that i mean pictures of the clothes on kids. Well, usually they have some. But only some, a few.

So, regularly, we try to do home photo shootings, but that is another hard part: i am not a professional photographer, i am really just an amateur, though occasionally there is one nice picture between all the pictures i take. But it takes time.

And i only have one model: a daughter. So there will always be more pictures of girls clothes then boys’ clothes, which is a pitty. But that is the way it is, right now.

Here are some pictures we tried shooting the other for La Queue du Chat collection at The blouse is great! The shorts are from last summer collection, but still lovely. Everything is girly and lacey without being too “pink”  and too sweet, and the clothes are made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified), in India.

La Queue du Chat is a nice small french brand, and has been the first brand we chose for our shop, because of its ethic and fair approach, cute designs and great materials!

Check it out here!

(Blouse “Kiss Kiss” in organic cotton, Red organic bloomer shorts, strawberry & turquoise stripy popeline)

Some more pics we did for La Queue du Chat. All items are available at our online boutique.

(Blouse “Bunny Bubbles” cream)

(Some yellows: yellow dress with puff sleeves, yellow tshirt, yellow pijama top)

(Sweetest dress ever: Monument dress with puff sleeves)

A picture an hour.

I took part in a photo workshop by Mariana Sabido, who is a portuguese photographer and blogger (and mum). She gave us this project, which was all about a day in our life, in pictues. A picture an hour.

Other examples of this can be found at Mariana’s blog, or here or here, and in many places more.

So here is my first trial, with some twists and just a little cheating 🙂

08:00 am

09:00 am

10:00 am

11:00 am

12:00 am

14:00 pm

15:00 pm

16:00 pm

17:00 pm

18:00 pm

19:00 pm

20:00 pm

21:00 pm

How it started

This all started when I traveled to Italy, during my pregnancy. It was June and life was perfect. The smells and tastes and visions of Italy had invaded my heart together with the joy of being pregnant. I could mentally escape my routines, meaning my mind could wander off and new thoughts and ideas kept coming up. And so came the idea of opening an online shop for kids. Me being a web developer helped a bit: after all, i was not moving away too far from what i was used to do, but i would change focus: work for fun (again) and do something for me and for my family. Become independent. Have time! Time for my daughter, for my husband, for our home, for the cats, for friends, for reading, living the city, and so on.

Of course it never worked out that way, and more about that later, but it worked out somehow, because once the impulse is given, you start moving in another direction, and there will be no way back. It can take longer or happen sooner, but it will happen. Something will change.

Well, as i was walking in Italy, and this happened in Venice, i saw this very cute kids boutique, and in the window, these very sweet clothes, a dress, leggings, a body, blue, striped, hanging on a rope, with a label that had a cat on it! I had never really cared about the kids universe and well, most of the shops never really inspired me, though kids clothes can look cute, in general. But i saw this and it triggered all that was to come.

And i will write a lot about this, soon. Because this place here is a about sharing. About beauty, about life, about what moves us, about friends, about fun!
So there is a lot more to come! Be there with me!

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