Peggy is the force behind Paul&Paula, one of my favorite sources for kids fashion.
But her blog is not only about kids fashion, and that’s what really makes it so charming.
It is mainly about kids fashion, lifestyle, clothes, brands, labels and so on. About her findings and favorite pieces.

But it is also about all of us, the others: about people! About Peggy, about her two sweet kids and their life in Amsterdam, about people she knows: blog owners, shop owners, other people she meets and relates to, and she has fabulous series about these people, bringing them a bit nearer to us, showing us life, breakfasts, summers etc on several parts of the globe, with different people and families.

I met Peggy one day, while browsing the web for nice brands for my shop. She had a post on a fair, i guess it was Playtime Paris, i saw this picture about sweet striped clothes (here), i sent her a message, and we started talking. And we never stopped talking… 🙂

So… i hope you will like her blog as much as I do. Stay tuned, because it is always full of surprises, as is Peggy, who was just recently one of the organizers of The Hive – European Blog Conference and also is part of this project: Novalee Magazine, an online magazine looking at kids lifestyle from a different angle, more radical, more free, more fun!