This week has been busy with sending out all your deliveries resulting from our Summer Sale!
Visit our online shop for more good deals: ADA ADA at 60% OFF, last items from BOBO CHOSES, which has been a great succcess!

We have a big sale from La Queue du Chat: french, organic, sweet, fair and chic, lovely colors for summer! Some more pics from this sale will be posted later.

We want to say thank you to this blog for featuring us, this picture is taken from the blog and features to happy little kids in their fabulous Bobo Choses Knickers!

Here are some pictures we took this week.

This is a little modelling image featuring Le Toit de la Lune ANNE Overall: check it out, it’s 30% OFF, and it will look as great next year as it does this year! We have also got this in turquoise.

Some pics we took yesterday: Bobo Choses, once more. Our favorite skirt and favorite color from this summer collection.

She is wearing this skirt.

Preparing orders for people that like the same colors we do!

At the park.

Strange summer we are having over here! Hope it is better with you, but whatever it is, enjoy life!

Have a nice weekend!

By the way, we are looking for new brands to feature on our shop, any suggestions are welcome!