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Hello on Friday

Did you see the news on our shop?

We have received some items from our new brand Picnik Barcelona, like this lovely dress for little girls up to 4.

or this lovely blouse:

Available here. Not all items are online yet (there is a great skirt and some nice leggings which will be online next week.)

Also available next week, some very sweet things from Arsène et les Pipelettes, like this yellow dress we saw first on Paul & Paula, and also some of the cardigans behind it!

(photo taken from the blog Paul & Paula that is always a great inspiration to us)

Check out this great photoshoot of Bobo Choses Autumn/Winter collection on this great blog. RESPECT!

Ordered these nice shoes for my daughter, who will be 3 on Sunday:

from d’artur a zoe webshop (love all the items!)

Got an Egmont bunny lamp for her, too. Available in many webshops, got mine at Zara Home. Was a nice surprise that lamp was not produced in China 🙂  (actually: made in Germany, well done!)

Check out this body from Bobo Choses and get free shipping within Europe and ouside of Europe for orders above 60 Euros.

Have a nice weekend!
ps. almost forgot this!

ADA ADA Spring Summer Collection on SALE

Well, autumn / winter is starting in Europe but in Australia summer is starting 🙂

So, we were thinking, if you are looking for some items from Ada Ada SS 2012 collection at very nice prices, check out our shop, because we still have some on stock, and we deliver worldwide!

All Ada Ada spring summer 2012 collection is now 60% off, and for orders above 60 Euro, we offer free shipping!

Have a look, we hope you enjoy it!

Indikidual at Loja Dada

Indikidual is a sweet little brand from London, that designs nice little pieces for kids up to 4 years old (current collection), made from organic cotton, and produced in India. The items are nice, colorful, playful, practical, sporty, simple and special at the same time! Materials are rather thin, so ideal for warmer days or for playing comfortably around the house! This must also be the reason why they call the pants “lounge pants”, an expression we had never heard before!

Check out Indikidual at Loja Dada and order a piece!

And now, we have got free shipping to Europe for orders over 30 Euro, and worldwide over 60 Euro 🙂

Bobo Choses Autumn / Winter 2012


BOBO CHOSES really needs no introduction any longer. Since the brand was created in 2008 by two art directors, it has grown, and grown, and grown. The brand is now present in renowned shops from over thirty countries, especially in Japan, France and the United States. Additionally, BOBO CHOSES often appears in prestigious magazines of children’s clothing such as, Milk Magazine, Vogue, Kids’ Wear, Papier Mache, Marie Claire Enfants… The brand is continuously cherished by professional stylists who welcome its new collections.

Loja Dada has been carrying articles from Bobo Choses since the Spring/Summer 2012 collection, almost all sold out by now!

Check out the winter collection pieces we chose for you, here at Loja Dada , and be sure to come back, because next summer there will be plenty more, and we can assure you: there are only good things to come from this brand.

The brand is entirely produced in Europe (Spain) and that is also something we really like!
So enjoy it, and don’t spend your winter without at least one item from Bobo Choses 🙂

Mini & Maximus at Loja Dada

No, it hasn’t arrived yet, but watch out, because it should arrive soon and we are SO MUCH LOOKING FORWARD to this.

Mini & Maximus is one of the coolest brand we can think of. It’s all about being a child, being free, being a little wild, too!

It is graphic, it is organic and it is a small business, and this is all we like about a brand. The design is gorgeous, original, different.

Well, but by try describe it in words if we can describe it in images?

Available soon at our online shop, Mini & Maximus can be delivered in Portugal, rest of Europe and rest of the world, too, if you wish!

Check out this interview with Mini & Maximus founders at minor:detales!

Kidscase Autumn Winter 2012 at Loja Dada

Some selected items from the new Kidscase Collection are available at our online shop now! Most of the items chosen by us are made in 100% organic cotton. All pieces are great in quality and colors are lovely: a little darker than in summer, but very nice for winter!

SPOTTY Organic Baby Dress by Kidscase

SPOTTY Organic Baby Dress by Kidscase

Lester Organic dress by Kidscase

Lester organic dress by Kidscase

SPOTTY organic girls shirt in dark blue

SPOTTY organic girls shirt in dark blue
Dexter pants dark blue by KidscaseDexter pants dark blue by Kidcase
Dexter pants 5 pockets by Kidscase
Dexter 5 pocket pants

Check out all items by Kidscase here.

We are still uploading some of the items for babies and will post news here very soon, on this blog!

Goodbye summer, hello on Friday

We have been away for quite some time from the blog now! Here in Portugal, schools starts between early/mid September, so all our extra-curricular activities were focused on family, up to now.

Here are a few glimpses at our summer!

We are still uploading new products to our shop, by next week most products that have already arrived should be online now.

Watch out for Kidscase: lovely as usual, great quality and gorgeous colors! From the collection that is online by now, there are still missing some great striped leggings for the little ones, plus some wonderful bodysuits for the smallest! Also watch out for Kidscases’ winter tights! Most items by Kidscase are made of organic cotton. Trust us on this: quality is TOP!

Bobo Choses is online already! We did not chose as many items as from the past summer collections, but we have a few great things from this lovely Autumn/Winter collection, and more to come on that one, too!

Le Toit de la Lune has some great items available at Loja Dada. This is indeed one of our favorite brands, check out here why.

We did not order any Mini Rodini, but we will be back with more from that great brand next Spring/Summer, and we can assure you that only nice surprises will be waiting for you. In fact, there won’t be any surprises, as everybodys knows that Mini Rodini ROCKS!

We are awaiting some items from Mini&Maximus in the very near future, so watch out.

Also LOLA FOR KIDS, PICNIK BARCELONA AND LA QUEUE DU CHAT have some lovely things we chose for you, more about that next week on the blog.

We will also be preparing some discount codes, so watch out!
Wish you a nice weekend,

Loja Dada

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