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What do chose for a baby girl 13 months old and 78 cm tall?

This is not an abstract question and it’s hard to answer, and having an online shop, doesn’t make it any easier.
First of all, 13 months is usually the age where 12 months clothes won’t fit much longer and 18 months can be sometimes a little big. Some brands make their items in cm, like most nordic brands, and there we can find that 80 cm would be for 12 months and  86 cm be for 18 months. But of course, all our children are special, and don’t come in the same size. And also most brands don’t come in the same size 🙂

Don’t worry parents, it will get easier when kids grow up, and you can start to buy clothes for 2, or even better 2-3 and then 4, and 6 years. Yes, that will be fun!

But now let’s focus: let’s see, a girl 78 cm should wear 12 months, or 80 cm, but considering winter is starting, and that it will last like 5-6 months, and that babies do grow, what to chose!?
Hard, hard, and Carlotta, nice customer from Milan, passed that choice to me.

So here i am, considering her options!  We are looking for something in the price range 30/40 Euro.

Let’s start:

La Queue du Chat Chic Set in Organic cotton:

Although La Queue du Chat doesn’t size too big, this one would be too big for a thin 78 cm girl if chosen size 18 month, size 12 month corresponds more or less to 80 cm, so it could fit! Should look nice on a little girl with slim legs! Could be an option!

Next we have, very similar to that one, the girl’s trunk, which is also lovely and soft organic cotton, to be worn with a blouse! (yes, carlotta, i would send a blouse, too :)) we also have this one in charcoal – dark gray!

… or you can wear it with a body

love this one, color taupe, the color name i can’t translate into any other language! 🙂

and then we have this, by Le Toit de la Lune, organic cotton and made in Portugal, same country as Loja Dada operates from! nice and sunny…

this one has a very interesting bottom part, that works well for babies – they can wrap their feet with the bottom part, but as this little girl is 13 months already, she should start walking, so feet must be free, and 18 months has regular ending (no “feets”). 18 months is a bit wide, but legs should fit  80 cm.

Good option?
I would also consider this:

by Kidscase, it’s organic, it’s really soft, would chose 80cm, maybe 86…

And i love this, but the picture is very bad and i still don’t know how to take a better one:

This one is very nice, the original color is a bit softer than in the image, it’s very original and should work really nice on a slim girl.

As a matter of fact, all Le Toit de la Lune articles are great, i am a huge fan!

This one goes to all other readers with little girls, not to Carlotta, but if you have baby girls, go for one of those for next summer, they are on sale and they are soooo cool! Have them in pink and as overalls, too. It’s organic and 50% off!

If you need shopping advice, let me know, i am always here to help you!

Daniela at Loja Dada

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