NUNUNU is just one of the coolest brands we have at our shop right now.

While we started choosing sweet things for the little ones when we opened our shop (and we still have a nice selection at the shop), we soon started liking urban, cool, comfortable clothes for Kids.

NUNUNU is the ultimate cool brand: . The philosophy behind NUNUNU is that the parent have the privilege of sharing their worldview with their child(ren). The brand blends high quality fabric, urban design, basic colors and a personal touch all in all creating a unique deconstructed look.

We absolutely share this view of things. It is hard to live in a world full of Kittys and Minnies, full of ruffles and strange clothes and it is hard if our children only see those and have to build a taste based on what they see, what other kids wear, and so on. Of course you can argue that no child really likes black clothes, and that they will always go for the pink. In the same way, that maybe the will always go for the chocolate and gummy bears. But style can be educated, and you can mix the pieces, to have a nix mix of clothes that inspire kids, on one side, and on the other, give them space for their imagination, while of course being comfortable and allowing them to move, like real kids.

And there comes NUNUNU. It’s really soft, really nice and really has lots of black. Plus it has stars and skulls, looks rad. Check it out, get a piece.

We love the basic drill pants for boys (black and dark gray) as well as the baseball tshirts. You may think these are really basic items, but try to get them somewhere and you will see how hard it is!
NUNUNU Drill pants

Ps: but the brand is not fanatic anti-color, you can find some pale pink, some neon too (though the latter not at Loja Dada).