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Bobo Choses AW13 Preview

June’s lullaby is a tribute to the lullabies
parents quietly sing to their children before they fall asleep.
A collection that combines privacy and audacity
with simple shapes. It’s BOBO CHOSES’ essence:
warm fabrics and hand drawn illustrations.
Knitwear jumpers, trench coats, waistcoats,
and skinny trousers that freely play throughout the collection.

© BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-003 © BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-010 © BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-017 © BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-018 © BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-022 © BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-029 © BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-031 © BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-034 © BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-036 © BOBO CHOSES-AW1314-037
As always, we are so much looking forward to receiving the always exciting, creative and plain beautiful new collections from Bobo Choses.

Bobo Choses AW13 will be in our shop soon!


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