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Shades of Gray Loja Dada for Kids

Gray is one of our favorite colors at Loja Dada for Kids. Specially in winter.
And you can combine gray with so many other colors, getting always new looks and moods.


From top to bottom:
Vest by Bobo Choses  + Baggy pants by NUNUNU

Sweater and pants by Émile et Ida

Sweater NUNUNU and Davenport pants by Beau Loves

Wolf leggings Popupshop

Gray star dress NUNUNU

Sleepsuit Popupshop and Bodysuit Beau Loves

Gray dress and tights: Popupshop


Lotiekids Arrows collection

After the very nice fish and bicycles collection, Lotiekids has once more created a lovely small capsule collections, and now it’s all about arrows.

Lotiekids_loja_dadaAvailable in 2 colors, red (tile) and green (olive), we have tshirts, dresses and leggings, and some sleepsuits, too.

DSC_0147_MG_9381 - Copy _MG_9886R - Copy b_tshirt-teja-flechas _MG_9953 - Copy _MG_9568 _MG_0120 _MG_9577r - Copy b_mono_olivaflechas_det2 And check it out (HERE), because Lotiekids thought about your wallets, too, and this is a really nice small collection, at very affordeable prices.

Entirely produced in Spain, in 100% cotton, with a slight retro look.

Some more nice things from our online shop

DSC_2488 (Custom)Indikidual leggings, organic cotton, great designs!

DSC_2489 (Custom)NUNUNU (pink items ) and Mini & Maximus

DSC_2490 (Custom)Sweater by Emile et Ida and pants by Bobo Choses (received a little restock and expecting some more soon!)

DSC_2468 (Custom)Popupshop tights (love them all!)

DSC_2469 (Custom)Popupshop tights (black) and Kidscase leggings (green and violet)

DSC_2484 (Custom)
Indikidual black dress and Bobo Choses tights

Also check out our promotions on Mini Rodini Autumn/Winter 2013 (upt to 30% off )

DSC_2491 (Custom)

DSC_2483 (Custom)

more Mini Rodini Sale here.

Order love

Now that almost all products are online (yes, sometimes it takes time), we can devote some more time to other things like taking pictures for eaxmple.

Here are a few orders that left this week.DSC_2196 (Custom) DSC_2197 (Custom) DSC_2201 (Custom) DSC_2207 (Custom)  DSC_2213 (Custom)DSCF4676 (Small)

1: NUNUNU gray spotty pants, yellow Beau Loves sweater, jade sweater Emile et Ida

2: Popupshop astronaut sleep dress, Mini&Maximus Hit the Road Sweater, Kidscase organic leggings

3: Beau Loves black feathers sweater, Mini Rodini Penguin dress, Mini Rodini ear hat black (sold out)

4: Mini & Maximus baggy pants, NUNUNU playsuit and leggings, Gray Label shorts

5: Emile et Ida pink sweater, Mói leggings, Indikidual black dress with frills

everything from our online shop – with love:

Popupshop – timeless organics

A bit more about Popupshop, one of our favorite brands.


This is a brand that knows how to make good basics, with an ethical approach. Functional, stylish and a bit minimalist fashion for the little ones.

The aim of this brand is make everlasting basic basic wear both sustainably and high on quality – timeless organics.

The brand does its best to utilize innovative sustainable fabrics, and seek to become a affordable, natural and logic choice for modern basics. With this in mind, the aim is to make a fair product both for the customers and for the people involved in all stages of production.
Popupshop_selection_1 was founded in 2007 and now introduce two new collections per year: spring/summer & autumn/winter, with some items repeating over the seasons, like the great (perfect) baggy pants, but not only.

It isn’t the cheapest brand, but it’s hard to compete with cheap brands if you look for great materials and fair production. On the other hands, the pieces are great basics that will last long. You can hand them down or give them away, they will last and enjoy many kids (and parents alike).

We love all items from the 2013/14 winter collection as well as all the tights, which are returning items.

Please visit Popupshop at Loja Dada for Kids (check our free shipping conditions) and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more information. A message below this post will do.


NUNUNU Autumn/Winter 13 is online now…

… and as always, we love it!




NUNUNU launches regular collections, but their core items remain always the same. And we love them each and every time. It’s lots of black and gray, stars, urban cool pieces that make our children look like children, but not like the sweet children wearing laces and ruffles and squares. Kids that look like us without looking like small adults. Hope you understand what i am trying to say!

This year, the collection introduces some sprinkles, and they look really great.
All fabrics really soft and comfortable, as usual. 100% cotton and collection is produced in Israel. Try a piece, you will not regret it!

ps. black stars leggings and gray baseball shirts are back in stock. we used to have them last winter and they were sold out – until now!

Available here!

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