We love Bangbang and their sense of “non-sense”, of clothes that are made to be used, and have fun, and feel like a kid, and look like a kid having fun. All items below are available at Loja Dada for Kids.


SS15 Bibbow T-shirt_ Kim Pants
(pants are not available, only tshirt)
SS15 Chelsea Dress 2
SS15 Chelsea Dress
SS15 Dancing Dora Gymsuit
SS15 Henrietta Dress
SS15 Jacket Dress
SS15 Jacket Dress 2
SS15 Linn Dress
SS15 Lucky Rain Dres
SS15 Pretty Pretty Dress
SS15 Sally jumpsuit
SS15 Zoo T-shirt
BangBangSS15 Happy Legs Leggings_resize
(leggings only)
BangBangSS15 Hamilton tshirt_ resize
BangBangSS15 Lazyboy Shorts_resize

Bangbang Copenhagen is designed in Denmark and produced in Serbia. To get an items, go here!