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Super-cool selection for Boys from Loja Dada for Kids

dada_selection_elefanteWow. It was such a great surprise to see this collection at Miriams blog. !

She chose boys’ outfits for every day of the week, and we love each and every one of it.

What do you think?

Wanna make a selection for us, too? (if yes, comment here and we will answer by email!)

We are still missing outfits for Saturdays&Sundays and for the girls, too!


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sweat emile et idat-shirt emile et idacalças beau loves


sweat móitank top beau lovescalças baggy nununu


sweat indikidualt-shirt indikidualleggings indikidual

Hello on Friday

Did you see the news on our shop?

We have received some items from our new brand Picnik Barcelona, like this lovely dress for little girls up to 4.

or this lovely blouse:

Available here. Not all items are online yet (there is a great skirt and some nice leggings which will be online next week.)

Also available next week, some very sweet things from Arsène et les Pipelettes, like this yellow dress we saw first on Paul & Paula, and also some of the cardigans behind it!

(photo taken from the blog Paul & Paula that is always a great inspiration to us)

Check out this great photoshoot of Bobo Choses Autumn/Winter collection on this great blog. RESPECT!

Ordered these nice shoes for my daughter, who will be 3 on Sunday:

from d’artur a zoe webshop (love all the items!)

Got an Egmont bunny lamp for her, too. Available in many webshops, got mine at Zara Home. Was a nice surprise that lamp was not produced in China 🙂  (actually: made in Germany, well done!)

Check out this body from Bobo Choses and get free shipping within Europe and ouside of Europe for orders above 60 Euros.

Have a nice weekend!
ps. almost forgot this!

Some news from us

We have started to use Pinterest, so you can follow us here.

We are having a sale on Bobo Choses: 50% until Friday, 15 June, Midnight (Portugal time). Weather has been crap, and we want to get rid of stocks so we can order some new items for next season. We are already thinking and dreaming of new brands.

Bobo is a really nice brand, but already available at many other stores and it seems people are all waiting for sales (and so we gave them sales :))

Other brands will follow soon, maybe not up to 50%, but with some nice promotions. Visit us at to see all our good deals.

Here are some phone-pics from moments from this week:

Preparing orders:

Freestyle lookbook picture:

Moments in the park:

Last weekend:

Found this blog. Great. LOVE. As a complete coincidence, they wear Bobo Choses and have just been to Lisbon.


… and then I met Peggy

Peggy is the force behind Paul&Paula, one of my favorite sources for kids fashion.
But her blog is not only about kids fashion, and that’s what really makes it so charming.
It is mainly about kids fashion, lifestyle, clothes, brands, labels and so on. About her findings and favorite pieces.

But it is also about all of us, the others: about people! About Peggy, about her two sweet kids and their life in Amsterdam, about people she knows: blog owners, shop owners, other people she meets and relates to, and she has fabulous series about these people, bringing them a bit nearer to us, showing us life, breakfasts, summers etc on several parts of the globe, with different people and families.

I met Peggy one day, while browsing the web for nice brands for my shop. She had a post on a fair, i guess it was Playtime Paris, i saw this picture about sweet striped clothes (here), i sent her a message, and we started talking. And we never stopped talking… 🙂

So… i hope you will like her blog as much as I do. Stay tuned, because it is always full of surprises, as is Peggy, who was just recently one of the organizers of The Hive – European Blog Conference and also is part of this project: Novalee Magazine, an online magazine looking at kids lifestyle from a different angle, more radical, more free, more fun!

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