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Order love

Now that almost all products are online (yes, sometimes it takes time), we can devote some more time to other things like taking pictures for eaxmple.

Here are a few orders that left this week.DSC_2196 (Custom) DSC_2197 (Custom) DSC_2201 (Custom) DSC_2207 (Custom)  DSC_2213 (Custom)DSCF4676 (Small)

1: NUNUNU gray spotty pants, yellow Beau Loves sweater, jade sweater Emile et Ida

2: Popupshop astronaut sleep dress, Mini&Maximus Hit the Road Sweater, Kidscase organic leggings

3: Beau Loves black feathers sweater, Mini Rodini Penguin dress, Mini Rodini ear hat black (sold out)

4: Mini & Maximus baggy pants, NUNUNU playsuit and leggings, Gray Label shorts

5: Emile et Ida pink sweater, Mói leggings, Indikidual black dress with frills

everything from our online shop – with love:

Order love

Sometimes, when i have time, i enjoy taking pictures during preparation of orders.

I LOVE to see your selections and combinations!

This was yesterday, we had some Kidscase yellow shorts (great!!!) with a Mini & Maximus Monkey Tshirt, and i think it looked just perfect!DSC_0446DSC_0450

Then i added some Mini Rodini, dark blue, palm trees, wrapped the whole thing in yellow, and off it went!


Mini & Maximus Monkey Face TshirtKidscase Scotty Organic ShortsMini Rodini Palm Racerback Tank Top (blue)Mini Rodini dark blue organic leggings

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