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One of the brands we have had for a very long time now is Mini Rodini.

Each collection surprises us with a new set of colorful prints, we always feel like somewhere between the playground and the  circus.

Excellent quality comes hand in hand with quirky design, and kids and parents alike fall for the clothes!

Here is a little glimpse at the new AW15 collection


mini rodini aw15_2

mini rodini aw15_3

mini rodini aw15_4


mini rodini aw15_6

mini rodini aw15_7

Mini Rodini AW15 collection will be available on July 30, also here at!


Bobo Choses AW15 preview

Few things are as exciting for mums around the globe as the launch of new Bobo Choses collections.
It’s just one of the most fun and creative brands around and mums and kids love it alike.

The new Aw15 collection won’t disappoint, it’s gorgeous, soft colors, great prints, it’s all you are waiting for.

Here a few pics to get an idea of what you will be getting:

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_12

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_6

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_6

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_13

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_11

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_5

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_4

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_10

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_3

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_9

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_8

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_2

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_1

CAMPAIGN-AW15-bobo choses_7CAMPAIGN-AW15-008 (Medium)

CAMPAIGN-AW15-036 (Medium)

CAMPAIGN-AW15-037 (Medium) (Medium)

The collection will launch worldwide on August 3, and also here at

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