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Black clothes for babies and kids

Did we tell you? We LOVE to see the little ones dressed all in black. What we love most, are plain black baby and kids clothes. No stars (although cute, too), no writings, no skulls, nothing. Plain black.


This black hoodie is made of 50% organic cotton, 50% modal (made from beech trees), it is gorgeous, incredibly soft, and super cool!

Available at our online shop.

Loja dada black hoodie for kids organic

Our favorite piece from our entire collection is this lovely black playsuit – made of 100% organic cotton (GOTS) and available at

Black organic playsuit dada for kids

More to come, stay tuned.

While we wrote a similar post the other day on our portuguese facebook page , some mothers complained that this was not a good color for kids.

What do YOU think?!



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