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Kidscase SS14

Some selected items from this absolutely gorgeous summer collection are available at our online shop!

Kidscase SS14 -2 Kidscase SS14 - 1
Kidscase designs tranquil, versatile and fashion-forward baby and children’s clothes that are inventive, simple, with high quality fabrics, that are Comfortable, wearable, sophisticated, and radiating style and cool chic.

Kidscase is also one of those brands that have  aimed collections to be produced by methods that are both fair to people and environmentally friendly.

Here are some images from the lookbook and items that are available at Loja Dada for Kids.

Kidscase SS14 - 3 Kidscase SS14 - 4 Kidscase SS14 - 5 Kidscase SS14 - 6available here.

Some more nice things from our online shop

DSC_2488 (Custom)Indikidual leggings, organic cotton, great designs!

DSC_2489 (Custom)NUNUNU (pink items ) and Mini & Maximus

DSC_2490 (Custom)Sweater by Emile et Ida and pants by Bobo Choses (received a little restock and expecting some more soon!)

DSC_2468 (Custom)Popupshop tights (love them all!)

DSC_2469 (Custom)Popupshop tights (black) and Kidscase leggings (green and violet)

DSC_2484 (Custom)
Indikidual black dress and Bobo Choses tights

Also check out our promotions on Mini Rodini Autumn/Winter 2013 (upt to 30% off )

DSC_2491 (Custom)

DSC_2483 (Custom)

more Mini Rodini Sale here.

Order love

Now that almost all products are online (yes, sometimes it takes time), we can devote some more time to other things like taking pictures for eaxmple.

Here are a few orders that left this week.DSC_2196 (Custom) DSC_2197 (Custom) DSC_2201 (Custom) DSC_2207 (Custom)  DSC_2213 (Custom)DSCF4676 (Small)

1: NUNUNU gray spotty pants, yellow Beau Loves sweater, jade sweater Emile et Ida

2: Popupshop astronaut sleep dress, Mini&Maximus Hit the Road Sweater, Kidscase organic leggings

3: Beau Loves black feathers sweater, Mini Rodini Penguin dress, Mini Rodini ear hat black (sold out)

4: Mini & Maximus baggy pants, NUNUNU playsuit and leggings, Gray Label shorts

5: Emile et Ida pink sweater, Mói leggings, Indikidual black dress with frills

everything from our online shop – with love:

Some pink from our online shop!

We love black at Loja Dada for Kids, but we also love pink! And red, and fringes, and cute bodysuits and flamingo leggings, cute little dresses and pink tshirts. All a girl could like. All a girl WILL like!


1 / Le Toit de la Lune pink bodysuit Viky, cutest for cute girls
2/ Bobo Choses T-Shirt S/less Mr.Cook
3/ Emile et Ida Pink Dress (one of our favorites this summer)
4/ Mini & Maximus pink short sleeve liger – always a good idea
5/ Mini Rodini cute and super-soft pink onesie (organic cotton)
6/ Mini Rodini Parrot Sweatshirt pink (cerise) – a must have!
7/ Kidscase Ben Organic dress – another one of our favorite dresses this summer
8/ A must-have: Petitbo Ivy dress ecru
9/ Mini Rodini Flamingo leggings Pink

Order love

Sometimes, when i have time, i enjoy taking pictures during preparation of orders.

I LOVE to see your selections and combinations!

This was yesterday, we had some Kidscase yellow shorts (great!!!) with a Mini & Maximus Monkey Tshirt, and i think it looked just perfect!DSC_0446DSC_0450

Then i added some Mini Rodini, dark blue, palm trees, wrapped the whole thing in yellow, and off it went!


Mini & Maximus Monkey Face TshirtKidscase Scotty Organic ShortsMini Rodini Palm Racerback Tank Top (blue)Mini Rodini dark blue organic leggings

Kidscase Spring / Summer 2013 NEW IN

Nicky_1 Oscar Pilar Tesla_3We (and everybody else) order Summer collections when winter starts and winter collections when summer start. This is actually not easy, because both are set in completely different moods, with different colors and feelings associated.

When we got Kidscase SS13 collection last week, i was completely amazed at what i had ordered and how beautiful it was – and still IS!

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the specific features of a product by its images alone, and also one does not always find the right words to adequately describe a product.

In this case, i was amazed, and i can honestly say that these items from Kidscase are among my favorites for this season. All of them.

See our selection here!

(some more items – specially for babies – will be online by the end of the week).

Winter Sale at Loja Dada

WinterSale Loja Dada_2

We have not been around too much! Having a shop, a kid, a blog, a Facebook Page, a life, there is sometimes not much time left for blogging. But where we do invest a lot of time and attention, is in being nice to our clients! So try us, or talk to us, we always love to hear from you.

Right now, we are also trying to find new brands for the shop, we would like to add 2-3 to the current list!
We are thinking, looking around and talking to people. If you want to suggest a brand you would like to see at our shop, go ahead! We might listen to you.

Enjoy our sales. Check out Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Mini & Maximus, Kidscase and many more at LOJA DADA.

Follow us in Pinterest, too!

What do chose for a baby girl 13 months old and 78 cm tall?

This is not an abstract question and it’s hard to answer, and having an online shop, doesn’t make it any easier.
First of all, 13 months is usually the age where 12 months clothes won’t fit much longer and 18 months can be sometimes a little big. Some brands make their items in cm, like most nordic brands, and there we can find that 80 cm would be for 12 months and  86 cm be for 18 months. But of course, all our children are special, and don’t come in the same size. And also most brands don’t come in the same size 🙂

Don’t worry parents, it will get easier when kids grow up, and you can start to buy clothes for 2, or even better 2-3 and then 4, and 6 years. Yes, that will be fun!

But now let’s focus: let’s see, a girl 78 cm should wear 12 months, or 80 cm, but considering winter is starting, and that it will last like 5-6 months, and that babies do grow, what to chose!?
Hard, hard, and Carlotta, nice customer from Milan, passed that choice to me.

So here i am, considering her options!  We are looking for something in the price range 30/40 Euro.

Let’s start:

La Queue du Chat Chic Set in Organic cotton:

Although La Queue du Chat doesn’t size too big, this one would be too big for a thin 78 cm girl if chosen size 18 month, size 12 month corresponds more or less to 80 cm, so it could fit! Should look nice on a little girl with slim legs! Could be an option!

Next we have, very similar to that one, the girl’s trunk, which is also lovely and soft organic cotton, to be worn with a blouse! (yes, carlotta, i would send a blouse, too :)) we also have this one in charcoal – dark gray!

… or you can wear it with a body

love this one, color taupe, the color name i can’t translate into any other language! 🙂

and then we have this, by Le Toit de la Lune, organic cotton and made in Portugal, same country as Loja Dada operates from! nice and sunny…

this one has a very interesting bottom part, that works well for babies – they can wrap their feet with the bottom part, but as this little girl is 13 months already, she should start walking, so feet must be free, and 18 months has regular ending (no “feets”). 18 months is a bit wide, but legs should fit  80 cm.

Good option?
I would also consider this:

by Kidscase, it’s organic, it’s really soft, would chose 80cm, maybe 86…

And i love this, but the picture is very bad and i still don’t know how to take a better one:

This one is very nice, the original color is a bit softer than in the image, it’s very original and should work really nice on a slim girl.

As a matter of fact, all Le Toit de la Lune articles are great, i am a huge fan!

This one goes to all other readers with little girls, not to Carlotta, but if you have baby girls, go for one of those for next summer, they are on sale and they are soooo cool! Have them in pink and as overalls, too. It’s organic and 50% off!

If you need shopping advice, let me know, i am always here to help you!

Daniela at Loja Dada

Kidscase Autumn Winter 2012 at Loja Dada

Some selected items from the new Kidscase Collection are available at our online shop now! Most of the items chosen by us are made in 100% organic cotton. All pieces are great in quality and colors are lovely: a little darker than in summer, but very nice for winter!

SPOTTY Organic Baby Dress by Kidscase

SPOTTY Organic Baby Dress by Kidscase

Lester Organic dress by Kidscase

Lester organic dress by Kidscase

SPOTTY organic girls shirt in dark blue

SPOTTY organic girls shirt in dark blue
Dexter pants dark blue by KidscaseDexter pants dark blue by Kidcase
Dexter pants 5 pockets by Kidscase
Dexter 5 pocket pants

Check out all items by Kidscase here.

We are still uploading some of the items for babies and will post news here very soon, on this blog!

Goodbye summer, hello on Friday

We have been away for quite some time from the blog now! Here in Portugal, schools starts between early/mid September, so all our extra-curricular activities were focused on family, up to now.

Here are a few glimpses at our summer!

We are still uploading new products to our shop, by next week most products that have already arrived should be online now.

Watch out for Kidscase: lovely as usual, great quality and gorgeous colors! From the collection that is online by now, there are still missing some great striped leggings for the little ones, plus some wonderful bodysuits for the smallest! Also watch out for Kidscases’ winter tights! Most items by Kidscase are made of organic cotton. Trust us on this: quality is TOP!

Bobo Choses is online already! We did not chose as many items as from the past summer collections, but we have a few great things from this lovely Autumn/Winter collection, and more to come on that one, too!

Le Toit de la Lune has some great items available at Loja Dada. This is indeed one of our favorite brands, check out here why.

We did not order any Mini Rodini, but we will be back with more from that great brand next Spring/Summer, and we can assure you that only nice surprises will be waiting for you. In fact, there won’t be any surprises, as everybodys knows that Mini Rodini ROCKS!

We are awaiting some items from Mini&Maximus in the very near future, so watch out.

Also LOLA FOR KIDS, PICNIK BARCELONA AND LA QUEUE DU CHAT have some lovely things we chose for you, more about that next week on the blog.

We will also be preparing some discount codes, so watch out!
Wish you a nice weekend,

Loja Dada

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