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Indikidual at Loja Dada

First Winter 2012 delivery arrived, while outside temperatures rise as high as 40º…
And we were looking forward to this: Indikidual (London) first collection, as seen on so many blogs around Europe already, and now some pieces of this great collection are available at our online shop!

Indikidual is a brand following a trend we have been observing with parents around central and northern Europe: simple but colorful and fun clothes for kids, that are hip and chic at the same time. And the clothes from Indikidual are organic, too! Made in India.

Take a look:

Leggings Wriggles (they call them lounge pants, which is in fact a great name!)

Top Mr Moo (a nice smile for a nice kid)

Boo blue lounge pants /leggings Indikidual at Loja Dada Online ShopBoo blue lounge pants /leggings by Indikidual

All items are organic and fabric is rather light, so you can also wear them now, in summer, if you like! Sizes go up to 3-4years.

Just order a few and try them out!

Next year, we will have more items from this lovely new brand from London!



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