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Popupshop AW14

We love Popupshop and their great basics.

Black baggy pants are a must, our favorites.

We love the swimsuits in summer, the tights in winter. We love the sweaters.

This sleepsuit just melts our heart. We had it last winter in white and this winter we will have this adorable piece in gray. Wait for it, and get it! Take our good advice! 😉

Popupshop AW14 - 5at

Petitbo SS14 collection

DSC_0585 DSC_0207We love Petitbo and always have, but this new collection makes us love them even more. Not that pink was our favorite color, but sometimes pink just feels so right.

And fringes always look good, and there is nothing better than baggy pants, and shorts, and jumpsuits… And the new prints are just gorgeous, it’s the bohemian chic flair that they do so well.



You can get Petitbo at Loja Dada for Kids!

Ah, and it’s all organic cotton, produced in Europe!


It has been all over Pinterest and all over blogs all over the world.
And now, it is all over LOJA DADA.
We love Mini & Maximus: it is young, wild and free.
Kids love it.
And Mini & Maximus loves kids. It even lets them design some of their cool tshirts. Oh yeah!
We’re sure you have seen it, but have you got yourself one?

Plus, more good news, it’s eco-friendly, too! The brand uses three types of earth-friendly fabrics for all of their products: a unique blend of super soft bamboo/cotton, 100% organic cotton, or a modal/cotton blend.

No excuse for waiting until Christmas: if you like one, get one, NOW!
Mini & Maximus at Loja Dada

Indikidual at Loja Dada

Indikidual is a sweet little brand from London, that designs nice little pieces for kids up to 4 years old (current collection), made from organic cotton, and produced in India. The items are nice, colorful, playful, practical, sporty, simple and special at the same time! Materials are rather thin, so ideal for warmer days or for playing comfortably around the house! This must also be the reason why they call the pants “lounge pants”, an expression we had never heard before!

Check out Indikidual at Loja Dada and order a piece!

And now, we have got free shipping to Europe for orders over 30 Euro, and worldwide over 60 Euro 🙂

Indikidual at Loja Dada

First Winter 2012 delivery arrived, while outside temperatures rise as high as 40º…
And we were looking forward to this: Indikidual (London) first collection, as seen on so many blogs around Europe already, and now some pieces of this great collection are available at our online shop!

Indikidual is a brand following a trend we have been observing with parents around central and northern Europe: simple but colorful and fun clothes for kids, that are hip and chic at the same time. And the clothes from Indikidual are organic, too! Made in India.

Take a look:

Leggings Wriggles (they call them lounge pants, which is in fact a great name!)

Top Mr Moo (a nice smile for a nice kid)

Boo blue lounge pants /leggings Indikidual at Loja Dada Online ShopBoo blue lounge pants /leggings by Indikidual

All items are organic and fabric is rather light, so you can also wear them now, in summer, if you like! Sizes go up to 3-4years.

Just order a few and try them out!

Next year, we will have more items from this lovely new brand from London!



Our most controversial product..

… is this:

Fabulous organic black baby body by Mini Rodini.
This one is soft. Really soft!
We think it looks absolutely cute, but there are so many mums that can’t imagine wearing black to kids and even less babies…
What do you think?

Available at our online store (look under Mini Rodini brand).


Loja Dada – some spring suggestions

Days are getting longer and warmer and brighter and we are starting to crave for color!
Some suggestions from our shop, all in carefully chosen and soft materials, beautiful colors and prints.
More to come soon, stay tuned!

Loja Dada Sprint Suggestions

€51 –

€45 –

Crosby Dark Gold Ornate Art Frame
$123 –

Lojadada : Produto : Body Elefante
€21 –

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