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Nadadelazos Spring Summer 2014

Nadadelazos is a brand we already had at the shop with their great first collection. After a short break, they are back and we love them as much as ever.

The styles are similar, with new prints, and now it’s mostly about clothes for litlle indians, with “nada de lazos” : no laces!
nadadelazos_ss14_girlsnadadelazos1 nadadelazos4 nadadelazos3 nadadelazos6 nadadelazos7 nadadelazos_illustration


Clothes you can play in and feel well!

Available at Loja Dada for kids!


Small style (1): some favorites

This is one of our favorite outfits: black tank top by NUNUNU (exists in gray as well) + Pink baggy pants by Petitbo

Loja Dada Small Style: NUNUNU Petitbo

Something else from Petitbo (Boho chic meets Rock’nRoll): this dress!Petitbo YVE DRESS boho chic at Loja Dada for Kids(and if you love the dress, check out this jumpsuit, you will love it!)


We LOOOOOOVEEEE this next combination: Popupshop striped maillot and Bobo Choses red dotted shorts. Of course, these red shorts are unisex and we know they also look great on boys!

Popupshop maillot gym piece and Bobo Choses dotted shorts

Popupshop has since long been one of our favorite brands. We love the eco-concept, the understated styles, the comfortable fit and the animal prints. Watch out because the swimsuits will be online VERY SOON.
These sweaters are great, we have the Popupshop shark sweater and the leopard sweater 🙂


Yes, these are instant snapshots, not a studio production. If you want to see a studio production let us know!

If you want to send us pictures of your kids wearing our items, please do so! You can get in touch by commenting on this post. We will reply to your emails.

Quinn and Fox SS 2014

Oh yes…. you have all been waiting for this and so have we.
The new collection will start its trip from the US to our shop in Portugal really soon 🙂 And yes, we deliver worldwide!
As postal services may take time, we are not sure when we will be receiving the collection, but we definitely will.

Quinn and Fox SS 14 Loja Dada Quinn and Fox SS 14 Loja Dada 2
And it will ROCK! One of our favorites this season, embodying the spirit we so much love: young, wild, free!

We will not be receiving the whole collection, but enough items to make you happy.

Watch out, we will be posting about this as soon as it’s online, on Facebook and Instagram!


Indikidual SS 2014

This lovely collection arrived at our shop, a bit later than expected.

But now it’s here, and it’s great. Full of nice prints. fun colors, and of course, always organic cotton (except for denim and swimwear).

Indikidual - jellyfish top + zig zag shorts Indikidual - zig zag top Lucha1 indikidual_ss14_3 indikidual_ss14_2 indikidual_ss14_1

If you are looking for the banana print, it is back (yeah!) and jelly fish are just too cute, too!

By the way, we are working on our new online shop, to make shopping easier for you. Watch out – coming soon.

In the meantime, you can find Indikidual Spring Summer collection at Loja Dada for Kids, here!

indikidual ss14  -1 indikidual ss14  -2 indikidual ss14  -3 indikidual ss14  -4 indikidual ss14  -5

Don’t forget, this way!

Petitbo SS14 collection

DSC_0585 DSC_0207We love Petitbo and always have, but this new collection makes us love them even more. Not that pink was our favorite color, but sometimes pink just feels so right.

And fringes always look good, and there is nothing better than baggy pants, and shorts, and jumpsuits… And the new prints are just gorgeous, it’s the bohemian chic flair that they do so well.



You can get Petitbo at Loja Dada for Kids!

Ah, and it’s all organic cotton, produced in Europe!

A little selection for girls…


We are still uploading products and also working on a big improvement to our shop (more on that as soon as possible!).

Popupshop Leopard Maillot, Emile et Ida pink tank top with hearts, Petitbo pink jumpsuit, black shorts with side fringes and lovely little dress with print on the front. And Ecru dress by Emile et Ida, just lovely for summer.

Some of our favorite items!
Meanwhile, check out some of our favorite  items for girls, all available here:

Emile et Ida SS 2014

Emile_et_ida_loja-dada-1-2 Emile_et_ida_Lion_loja_dada

Let me tell you that Emile et Ida Spring Summer 2014 collection is just LOVELY! The colors are great, the prints are gorgeous! We received a huge box today and love everything we received  and we hope you too.

The items will be available slowly until the end of the week. We are working as fast as we can but we also have many other things to do, like preparing your deliveries, writings posts, taking care of the family and so on. When we talk about we, we talk mostly about “me”, because Loja Dada for Kids is a “mum business” but with a little help from daddy 🙂 (More on that one of these days).

Visit our online shop here: to find out more about all our products.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram and of course Pinterest.

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