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Bandit Kids Kingdom of Cool

035 Kingdom of Cool 038 Kingdom of Cool 006 Daisy and Taj 009 Daisy and Taj 001 Daisy and Taj Empty Pools Summertime Dress in emerald 049 Kingdom of Cool 050 Kingdom of Cool 043 Kingdom of Cool 022 Kingdom of Cool 028 Kingdom of Cool 032 Kingdom of Cool

This was without a doubt one of your favorite collections this summer and one of the best shot lookbooks from this past season.

It’s still a pleasure to look at this pictures, and now that summer is really starting all over Europe, a good time to still get one of those great pieces, that are now 30% OFF  on MIDSEASON SALE.


Check out Bandit Kids at Loja Dada for Kids

Noe & Zoé

Something new at
Something new and very nice.
And produced here in Portugal for the first time.
So only good reasons to get some Noe&Zoé at Loja Dada for Kids online shop.

Here are some images from the SS15 lookbook!









Noé & Zoé is designed in Berlin by lovely Nici, mum to 4 kids!
We are glad to have added this lovely brand to our selection at

Bangbang Cph SS15 online now at Loja Dada for Kids


We love Bangbang and their sense of “non-sense”, of clothes that are made to be used, and have fun, and feel like a kid, and look like a kid having fun. All items below are available at Loja Dada for Kids.


SS15 Bibbow T-shirt_ Kim Pants
(pants are not available, only tshirt)
SS15 Chelsea Dress 2
SS15 Chelsea Dress
SS15 Dancing Dora Gymsuit
SS15 Henrietta Dress
SS15 Jacket Dress
SS15 Jacket Dress 2
SS15 Linn Dress
SS15 Lucky Rain Dres
SS15 Pretty Pretty Dress
SS15 Sally jumpsuit
SS15 Zoo T-shirt
BangBangSS15 Happy Legs Leggings_resize
(leggings only)
BangBangSS15 Hamilton tshirt_ resize
BangBangSS15 Lazyboy Shorts_resize

Bangbang Copenhagen is designed in Denmark and produced in Serbia. To get an items, go here!

Bobo Choses SS15 Collection

Everybody is waiting for this and so are we, as tomorrow we will be getting a huge box of Bobo Choses SS15 items! Official launch of the summer collection is on January 13, so stay tuned!

Guess who’s coming for breakfast…
Get ready to have breakfast with the most clumsy, shy and
friendly monsters: Mr Nail, Bob the Monster, Clever the Ghost,
and The Omelettes will become your best guests!


┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 002 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 005 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 011 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 012 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 014 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 019 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 027 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 037 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 041 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 044 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 054┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 033 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 034 ┬® BOBO CHOSES - SS15 - 049

Don’t forget, we ship internationally.

Visit our shop here. Right now, you are lucky because we are on SALE!



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