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Indikidual at Loja Dada

Indikidual is a sweet little brand from London, that designs nice little pieces for kids up to 4 years old (current collection), made from organic cotton, and produced in India. The items are nice, colorful, playful, practical, sporty, simple and special at the same time! Materials are rather thin, so ideal for warmer days or for playing comfortably around the house! This must also be the reason why they call the pants “lounge pants”, an expression we had never heard before!

Check out Indikidual at Loja Dada and order a piece!

And now, we have got free shipping to Europe for orders over 30 Euro, and worldwide over 60 Euro 🙂

Arsène et les Pipelettes

This was also one of the brands we loved the minute we saw it.

At first glance, it looks like a regular, almost conventional brand, because it covers a lot of basics (and we love basics).

But then, when you look a little bit longer, you start to notice a certain playfulness, a sense of humor, a pinch of sophistication and a whole lot of charm.

So this is what Arsène et les Pipelettes is all about. Check out our selection of products from this french label, now with a little discount, to make shopping more fun!

We’ve got this white skirt and white cardigan, pure charm!

And we also got this outfit, check it out!

We absolutely love gray for kids and the short look great on little girls with slim legs (yes, because our daughter has not so long slim legs, and on her, the skirt looks much better, and pictures will follow).

Have fun!

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